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Licensing Red Heron ERP
for Commercial Use

We're going to give it away for free. There will never be a charge for the software. However, we are anticipating charges for the following items (estimated priced in US Dollars, not including shipping):

Retail Package A nicely-printed box, professionally-produced CD, and a hardcopy manual. $65
CD Only A professionally-produced CD in a printed tyvek sleeve. $65
Manual The hardcopy manual. $35
Manual + CD A hardcopy manual with an included CD sleeve. $50
Technical Support
Technical support from the people who wrote the software, each time there's a new problem. $40
Downloads Downloads of all software, documentation, modules, extras, and bug fixes... FOR LIFE. $0

These are estimates only, and may not reflect final pricing.

EULA Software licensing is based on the PHP License, and permits free distribution, modification of the software, and protection of original code.

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