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Planned Features of the Red Heron ERP

The first thing that any ERP should do is accounting. However, features of the accounting program are a subject for questions, so let's dive right in and list the entire rainbow of features planned for this software:

Accounting Chart of Accounts A list of the categories in which money is tracked, which is important for maintaining accurate and manageable records. This is not a module, and is included in all distributions.
  Account Analysis The ability to analyze the accounts and report findings is an important feature of any accounting system.
  Accounting Automation Automation is the way that statements are automatically generated, invoices are processed, and payroll is created.
  Bank Automation Connect to your bank and import data. Export the same data to a spreadsheet or CSV file for analysis. Upload new transactions to your bank as they finalize.
  POS & eCommerce Modules for touch-screen cash registers and eCommerce software will be included. One module is planned to be able to draw information directly from your osCommerce installation without changing a thing in osCommerce!
  Vending and Distribution This collection of over 50 planned modules will change your collection of 10 small stands into a team of 10 highly-effective mini-restaurants. Or perhaps you simply need to be able to manage orders in a Kosher kitchen that keeps even the employees separate to prevent accidental contamination. Possibly, you could just need to know who's got what. These modules can cover many conceivable possibilities!
Taxes US-National Federal tax guidelines are freely available from the IRS and included with the server. Full integration with ETPS will be included.
  UK-National VAT automation is planned, though complications with secure communications on our end may delay a release.
  Other National Other national tax systems are planned as information about the tax structures becomes available.
  US-States State taxes in the US will be downloadable and will automatically alter all new transactions after the effective date.
  Payroll Taxes Payroll tax contributions will be automatically handled using information you enter.
  Structures Tax structuring is important to any business. Our automated system can even help you decide on an appropriate tax structure for your company.
CRM Project Management The need for project management has never been greater in the world. Full project tracking software based on PMP and PMI standards, including Gantt projection and resource tracking.
  Sales Force Automation The sales pipeline has always been important to any business, but having a system which allows employees to be able to track their own progress, that of their team, project, or even the entire company will create an enormous advantage for you.
  Quality Survey QoS is important and following up with clients after the sale will allow your sales staff to maximize their customer satisfaction ratings without compromising the integrity of your company.
  Call Center A full call center documentation module will be available for use. This module will also be useful for reception and callback planning. This will be the first drop-in module released.
Billing and Receivables Invoicing Custom invoices will be available and will include a PDF-writer to ensure that they can be sent electronically, or printed and mailed.
  Statements & Charges The ability to add financing to your company will allow you to extend your capabilities even further!
  Billing Terms Flexible billing terms mean that you can change terms according to customer, type of customer, items purchased, threshold of the purchase, and more! Automation will allow a wide degree of flexibility for your company.
  Service Calls Being able to track time for services rendered will be vital to service-oriented businesses.
Credit Credit Checks Before you extend credit, know your customer.
  Credit Card Processing A number of credit card systems are going to be made available, such as PayPal,, and more! These modules should be transparent to the customer.
Employee Management Timesheets Track up to 65,000 employees at 8,000 branches and in 8,000 departments.
  Payroll Payroll functionality is not extra, though there may be charges for payroll services if you don't want to deal with it yourself.
  Records A fully-functional, expandable, and customizeable employee records system will be included.
  Awards & Accolades An awards system is important to keeping up morale and refreshing employee motivations. This drop-in module will be able to advise managers and executives when an award is appropriate.
Inventory Control JIT Ordering Whether you need to order JIT shipping or receive rush orders, the JIT drop-in module will allow you to be quickly notified when you need orders processed yesterday.
  Inventory Control Inventory control will help schedule inventory maintenance and reduce shrinkage by alerting you to problems.
  Assembly Items Need to maintain parts for specific items that your company manufactures? Maintaining a knowledge of parts levels and locations is critical to many manufacturing operations.
  Inventory Groups Grouping types of inventory together can help save time and money by allowing you to group by location, type of inventory, internal team ownership, and a variety of other ways. In addition, this drop-in module will be customizeable.
  Supply Chain Dynamics Got a bottleneck in your supply chain? This drop-in module can show you where!
  Shipping & Receiving The ability to track shipping and receiving is important. We are planning at least 15 modules to help track different kinds of shipping and receiving, including a few fleet tracking modules for everything from big rigs to pizza delivery. This system will also match cargo to planned loads to reduce costly LTL shipments.
  Warehouse Control Got a ton of #20 Wood Screws in Warehouse 20 on Pallet 20 in Location 2? Take the guesswork out of trying to find inventory by using a fully-functional warehouse control module that permits checking in and out inventory in the warehouse without any of that troublesome second-guessing.

This is just the beginning of the features we want to include! We are looking at expanding the functionality of the program within reason, but every level of resource control and management is within the grasp of your employees!

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