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About the Project

The project is currently finishing its final planning and moving rapidly toward pre-release.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Project Manager: We need someone who is familiar with software development or IT projects enough to help use create (and meet) deadlines.
  • Programmers: Though we were originally willing to teach those about PHP, time constraints no longer allow this. We need some people who already know how to code in PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. We were originally not going to include any Java, but the dynamic capabilities of AJAX has changed our minds.
  • Web Designers: Got web? Our design needs work. We're more like an ugly yellow clearish rock than a cut-and-polished diamond. If you can help, we'd love to have you.
  • Documentation Writers: Got a writing talent? We've got a LARGE project need in this area. The final aim is to have a printed volume available through one of the well-known publishing houses, such as O'Reilly, but we'd settle for a reasonably OK OpenOffice or Google document for now.
  • Lackeys: We can never have too many lackeys. Woops, I mean beta-testers! We want people who can test the new implementations and tell us quickly what needs improving. We also like people who really know how to torture-test software.
  • Financial Advisors: We need people who have experience in the financial industry and who can help us to finalize our mathematics enough to make this project truly viable.

There are likely other positions which may be available from time to time. If you want to be added to the project, all you need do is ask rjenson at users dot sourceforge dot net to be added. We don't bite unless you ask really nicely.

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