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This page was last updated November 1, 2007.

Put simply, an Enterprise Resource Planner is software for tracking and planning the uses of every resource your company has. If your company needs the capability to track things like departmental sales and trucking fleets, an ERP is likely going to prove valuable.

Our specific goal is to have a fully-functional ERP platform available free of charge, in order to stimulate small-to-medium-size business ownership (SMB). We also will offer enterprise-class functionality with a modular "drop-in" system that allows functionality to be added and removed, even while retaining data and maintaining security. We will have an employee management system which will track up to 65,000 employees (apologies for this limitation, it's required in order to maintain the speed of the database).

In addition, we are currently finishing up the last of the database in preparation for our initial pre-alpha testing candidates. The testing system will offer only our most basic accounting software, and is should not be considered suitable for deployment because it will lack many of the planned security features, and the testing for mathematical accuracy will not have been completed. For example, rounding errors occur with amounts over $100 million, and with some kinds of currency conversion. There are other issues we're working on. But if you can live within these limitations (for example, you won't see $100 million this year in your business), then you are free to use it.

If there are any issues, please let us know.

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